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Building the foundations of strength. Our steel products provide the enduring cornerstone for your projects.

Providing comprehensive steel solutions for your construction projects, from material selection to customized fabrication, we join hands with you to build success.Whether you need large-scale supply or customized specifications, we can meet your requirements, ensuring smooth project execution.

We ensure every piece of steel meets the highest quality standards with our excellent quality control and rigorous testing measures.You can confidently choose our steel products, as we are committed to maintaining exceptional quality, making your projects rock-solid.

Our steel products have been successfully applied in various fields, including construction, bridges, and marine industries. Join our esteemed clientele and experience the power of success.Renowned projects have chosen our steel products because they trust our quality and reliability. You can also become a part of their success.

Our service team is always ready to support you, from product consultation to delivery and after-sales assistance. We stand by your side.Our commitment goes beyond sales; we care about every detail of your project. You will enjoy comprehensive after-sales support and solutions.

Company Profile

Since its founding in 2004 in Shanghai, China, Brilliance has endeavored to be globally recognized as a leading and constantly growing force in the steel industry. We are not owned by, nor do we own, any steel producers. Our independence from steel producers ensures that we are objective in matching exact customer needs in terms of quality, specifications, financial terms and delivery. 

Brilliance is doing more than just trade metal and non-ferrous. We provide the best products you are looking for and satisfy with the demands you require, wherever you are in the world. Our professional product knowledge, market insight and logistics team, marketing support, financial services and social network can make us be an elegant force. The Group connects steel, people as well as processes in a client-oriented and takes our social responsibility. Our experience, dedicated people, our drive to become the standard of excellence manner enables us to offer the best in import & export services.

As an Importer of Raw Material like iron ore, chrome ore and non-metal scrap. As an Exporter of long steel products, flat steel products and semi-products. Our products are used in vertical industry: Home Appliance, Construction, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Utilities, Shipbuilding, Windpower, Gas and Oil etc.

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