Since its establishment in 2004, Brilliance MAHK Trading (B.M.T) has endeavored to be globally recognized as a leading and constantly growing force in the steel industry. We are neither owned by nor do we own any steel producers. Our independence from steel producers ensures that we are objective in matching customer needs in terms of quality, specifications, financial terms and delivery requirements.
We provide an elegant solution suite for the sourcing of metal and non-ferrous products. Cooperating with Brilliance MAHK means that your demands and requirements will be analyzed meticulously. As a consequence, you will be provided with exactly the products you have been looking for - wherever you are in the world. But our clients can expect much more than this. Thanks to in-depth product knowledge and market insight, logistics expertise, marketing and financial support as well as our excellent social network in the industy, we can provide our clients with a wholistic service package. The Brilliance MAHK Group connects steel, people and processes from a client-oriented perspective. Our many years of industry experience combined with our professional team enable us to offer the highest standard of import & export services.
Brilliance MAHK operates as an importer of raw material like iron ore, chrome ore and non-metal scrap and as an exporter of long steel products, flat steel products and semi-products. Our products are used in the vertical industry: Home Appliance, Construction, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Utilities, Shipbuilding, Windpower, Oil & Gas, Petro Chemicals,  etc.