Monday 6.00 PM
A customer from Egypt contacts Brian at the trading department. The buyer is in the market for a total of 8,000 tons of steel: 5,000 tons of steel pipes and 3,000 tons of construction steel. Destination: Cairo, Egypt. Deadline: within two months.
Tuesday 9 AM
When arriving at the office, Brian finds a mail from suppliers with an attractive referrence price. The price is not only suitable for his client but could also match the requiremnents of other customers. He immediately forwards the information to a group of potentially interested clients.
Wednesday 11 AM
Brian receives a more attractive offer for his client from another mill. He immediately calls the client, who confirms his interest to buy construction steel at a price close to the offer. For the steel pipes, the client prefers not to confirm at this stage yet.
Wednesday 4 PM
Based on the bid from the client, Brain starts negotiations with the mill. At the same time Lulu is communicating with the shipping company and even the bank. At the end of the day, Brian has achieved an agreement with all parties and he can now confirm the order at the price expected by the client.

Logistic department:

For domestic trade, we provide consolidation services for road, rail and water transportation. For foreign trade on the other hand we offer container and bulk shipment.

Exactly the right location at the right timing...

Our longstanding partnerships with logistic companies ensure that products are transported from mill to buyer in an efficient, secure and timely manner and at the lowest cost possible.
We provide invoicing, bill of lading, packing lists, certificates of origin and any other documents required. Brilliance MAHK is always looking into new and smoother ways to handle the paperwork and get it done faster to ensure an easy and timely delivery.