We strive every day to fully utilize our expertise in the steel industry for the benefit of our customers. Innovation is our top priority which is why we continuously optimize our supplies and services in order to contribute to sustainable growth for all parties involved - our partners, our customers and Brilliance MAHK Trading (B.M.T).


We at Brilliance MAHK Trading (B.M.T) live by our principles by setting benchmarks with our business model and business culture. In persuing this goal, we build value for our shareholders, partners and customers and endeavor to bring inspiration to the industry and the ever changing global steel market.


We take responsibility and credibility in quality.


We act with integrity and passion in all we do.


We deliver knowledge and excellence to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Financially sound
Brilliance MAHK Trading (B.M.T) own capital is valued at approximately US$ 2 million. Additionally, as a trader in the import and export business we dispose of credit resources with major national and international banks that support our growth. Our supplier and customer portfolios are diversified and globally positioned. On a yearly basis our capital and our financial means continue to grow and consequently fuel continuous business growth.

In full expansion
Our consolidated turnover amounted to US$ 500 million in 2011. Prior to the downturn during the financial crisis in 2008, our yearly turnover exceeded US$ 800 million. The Brilliance MAHK Group has fully recovered from the impact of the financial crisis and sees its turnover as well as the company's own capital following an highly positive upward trend.


Extensive product knowledge
Accurate market insight
Extensive social & business network
Client-oriented approach