The management philosophy of Brilliance MAHK Trading (B.M.T) is an important force in fueling the constant growth of our business. We believe that a strong relationship between employees and the employer enables an open business dialogue. This principle influences all our actions which have become well-established business processes and best practices that enable us to achieve excellence not only today but also in the future.

Brilliance MAHK Trading (B.M.T) has been active in the steel industry for many years and came to approach the trade with steel materials from a new angle. We see and act on the big potential for value-added services of streamlining the underlying processes of the import & export business. By doing so we achieve an elegant solution for our clients that is perfectly synchronized with their business goals and needs.

Corporate social responsibility:

Sourcing our products from sites across China and all over the world, we select our suppliers according to advanced environmental standards in order to be compliant not only with our own sustainablitiy guidelines but also with those of our clients.

We recognize that taking responsiblity for the environmental impact of the material sourcing process is on top of the agenda of an increasing number of companies in the vertical industry. Being compliant with environmental, health and safety policies and regulations is a prerequesite for a sustainable business development and positively influences various business operations down the line until it reaches the end consumer.

In order to support environmentally-friendly development of products, technologies and services in the steel industry, we take various actions ranging from small edeavors such as decreasing the use of paper work, to bigger projects such as promoting economic, social and educational development within local communities.