Why join Brilliance MAHK?

Three good reasons to join us:
Brilliance MAHK is a dynamic and passionate company in full expansion where personal development and growth are considered to be the pillars of its HR strategy.

At Brilliance MAHK the majority of the staff is young. Our average age is 35. And the working language is English. The employees at Brilliance MAHK are passionate and open-minded. Our employees are from different countries all over the world. The Brilliance MAHK team is creative, easygoing and its spirit is built on a flat company structure.

During the day we concentrate on buying and selling products on a global level. This means a lot of contact with people from all over the world. When you arrive in the morning a mail from America may be waiting in your inbox and the last thing you do before you go home, might be to answer a call from Brazil... trading is an interesting and complex sector, a world that evolves continuously and which needs all our attention and craft to stay ahead.

We continue building our teamspirt after-hours: with a yearly party and family day, tea time, birthday parties, BBQs or picking strawberry. Leadership of employees and leadership in product qualtiy is one of our core values and a way of life at Brilliance MAHK. We deliver convincing innovation, competence, customer orientation and performance. Whether you are an apprentice, student or a young or experienced professional, the Brilliance MAHK Group offers everyone the same opportunity to work in interesting areas and to develop their own solutions.
We offer a lot of travel chances, both domestically and overseas. If you're looking for a challenging job as well as job stability, then Brilliance MAHK is the place to be!

So if you would like to join our team,  don’t hesitate to email us: career@mahksteel.com